Social Media Case Study

As a social media agency, part of our job is strategically posting across social channels to drive revenue for our clients.  By regularly posting relevant and timely content, we are able to motivate engagement and increase sales for our client.

In this social media case study for one of our clients, I CLIP, you can see how we were able to utilize strategic social media marketing to increase revenue and improve their overall digital presence.


Why Social Media?

When companies come to us looking for digital marketing services, we have a thorough strategy session that identifies where they are, where they'd like to be, and how we can work together to get them there.  Not every client has the need for a social media agency; however, this situation showed great opportunity for increased revenue based on competition and current market position. 

Social media marketing can help you more effectively connect with your target audience in an opportune environment.  We believe in meeting customers where they are instead of where we want them to be.  This approach allows us to speak to their needs and provide them with solutions instead of simply pushing sales messages that get ignored. 

This approach, as well as highly targeted social media ads deliver relevant marketing messages that have context and cause an increase in revenue and overall digital engagement. 


What's Inside 

This case study highlights how we were able to identify client goals, develop and implement an effective strategy, and achieve the results our client was looking for.  Inside we highlight the following:

  • Percentage increases in website visits
  • Increase in revenue ($)
  • Number of transactions
  • Percentage increase in engagements
  • Percentage increase in impressions

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Social Media Case Study | THAT Agency

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