What is SMART Design?

When it comes to web design, the traditional process is completely broken.  It doesn't focus on the needs of the business and results in a less-than-optimial final product.  Your website is likely your biggest digital investment, and it requires a thorough construction process instead of handing the project to a developer and hoping it turns out perfect.

In reality, there's no such thing as a perfect website.  Instead of trying to deliver something that doesn't exist, SMART Design shifts web design process towards the users of your website and how they interact with your business across digital channels. 


What's Inside?

Inside, we'll explain exactly what SMART Design is.  We'll go into detail about:

  • Why the traditional web design process is broken
  • The risks associated with that broken process and how we minimize them
  • An overview of the process and how it sets your business up for sustainable growth.
  • and more!

If you've ever been through a website redesign, you'll understand that a change is needed.  The process needs to focus on the goals your business has so it can flourish.   Fill out the form to the right to get your free copy and discover a much more business focused process. 


Traditonal Design vs. SMART Design

The eBook dives deeper into the differences between the two web design processes, however it's important to know that SMART web design requires a totally different mindset than the traditional process.  Instead of "dumping" a project on a design team, your sales and marketing team will be deeply integrated into the process to ensure goal completion and forward progress.

It's also important to remember that you will never launch an incomplete website with this new process.  As you'll learn about the "Launch-Pad" site inside, this is a fully functional site that you get in front of users as soon as possible.  This way, you start collecting primary user data and can make adjustments to create a site tailored to your specific audience. 

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