The search engine optimization (SEO) of blogs can sound intimidating, but most on-page SEO techniques simply require attention to detail. With this free SEO checklist, you will learn how to give search engines like Google the green light to discover your blog posts -- and the best part is, you don't have to be overly technical to do so! This SEO checklist is both friendly enough for beginners to SEO blogs and effective enough to expand your blog's reach and readership.

Inside the FREE seo cHECKLIST

Google's frequent algorithm updates leave many scratching their heads about the latest white-hat tactics for SEO blogs. One not only wonders what factors matter for SEO and what don't, but also if Google has changed (or intends to change) its focus again.

The purpose of this free SEO checklist is to help you consistently optimize your blog posts for organic search engine visibility. Note that the checklist doesn't cover every SEO tactic under the sun. However, the checklist does address a number of the latest on-page SEO best practices involving:

  • Keyword placement
  • Image file sizes
  • ALT attributes
  • Header tags
  • And more

Bear in mind, the first step in optimizing any blog for search engine visibility is to write relevant, high-quality content addressing the wants, needs, and interests of a target audience. The second step is to expand the reach and readership of those blog posts using techniques like the ones outlined in this free SEO checklist.

Effective, on-page SEO of your blog posts can give you more opportunities to rank in the search engine results pages and direct targeted, organic search traffic your way. Get started with an SEO strategy for your blog today!

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