Inbound Marketing Case Study


In this case study, you'll see how we were able to turn our client's website into a lead-generating machine by using inbound marketing. Inbound marketing relies on using multiple digital marketing channels to support the goals of a business' website, and through social media, content marketing and email marketing, we we able to crush the goals this client had. 

Using an integrated approach, inbound marketing focuses on delivering value to users in a manner that brings in leads to a business. This way, users aren't bashed with pushy messages that only focus on making a sale. Inbound marketing brings personality back into the business world!


What's Inside


Inside you'll see how we took a website that failed to produce a steady flow of leads and turned it into a valuable digital marketing asset that produced a predictable and sustainable flow of leads for the business. The case study covers the following:

  • The challenges the client faced and why we chose inbound marketing as a solution
  • The massive triple-digit increases we saw across the board in the client's analytics
  • How we converted visitors into leads through landing page optimization
  • And more!

This inbound marketing case study shows the importance of integrating your marketing messages across multiple channels to drive business and traffic to your website. Simply fill out the form to download your copy and realize the power of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Case Study | THAT Agency

Inbound Case Study