Inbound Email Marketing

Email marketing is an integral part of the inbound methodology and allows businesses to nurture leads and build relationships with prospective and existing customers.  When you implement an inbound email marketing strategy, you'll be providing your contacts with a valuable and personalized experience they won't get from your competitors. 

Email provides businesses with the ability to send personal and specific marketing information to contacts in a timely manner. With the use of email automation,  you'll be able to send contacts relevant information right when they're expecting to receive it. 


Advantages of Inbound Email Marketing

Email marketing for inbound is quite different than regular email marketing.  It relies on an advanced CRM that has the ability to segment your contacts based on their customer lifecycle stage, persona, as well as how they engage on your website. 

Using this highly targeted email strategy allows your email campaigns to perform in ways regular campaigns can't come close to.  Failing to properly segment your contacts results in sending emails that go unopened, unclicked, and forgotten. 

Inbound email marketing thrives because of the highly targeted nature of the segmenting process.  This results in sending emails with value people are expecting at the time they're expecting them.  This, in turn, causes your email campaigns' metrics to skyrocket and increase overall digital engagement among your contacts.


What's Inside

This eBook will highlight how you can utilize email in your inbound strategy to boost engagement and build relationships.  Inside, you'll explore what it means to have an email marketing strategy integrated within your inbound marketing campaigns.  You'll learn more about:

  • Email marketing best practices 
  • What to include in and how often to send newsletters
  • Nurturing leads with email marketing
  • Email automation and behavior based segmentation
  • And more!

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