Plastic Surgery Marketing

As modern consumers continue to turn to the web and their favorite social channels for information, it has never been more important to be there to meet your prospective patients on their journey towards their next (or first) procedure. Your plastic surgery marketing needs to focus on meeting your target customers where they're actively searching for answers to their questions.


Digital is Fueling the Industry

Plastic Surgery Marketing | THAT AgencyThe total number of procedures is up more than 700% in the last two decades, and digital media continues to push this number higher.  Brand communications are becoming more and more personalized making it easier to attract patients to your website and nurture prospects into delighted customers who spread the word about your plastic surgery practice.  

Surgeons report an impressive increase of patients coming in with pictures from social media platforms and aspirations to show the world the best versions of themselves.  It's time to meet these people where they're spending their time so you can help them make the best decision in your favor.


What's Inside the Guide

With the massive increase of interest across the country, it's time to capitalize on the attention and shift it towards your brand.  In this comprehensive plastic surgery marketing guide, you'll explore the following in detail:

  • The importance of establishing your brand's purpose
  • Turning your website into your BEST salesperson (who works around the clock)
  • Attracting visitors and converting them into leads
  • How to effectively nurture leads into customers who leave 5-star reviews

The marketing of your plastic surgery practice needs to focus on your potential patients. It needs to be all about them; about developing a trusting relationship with them so they can comfortably come to you for the positive impact your services will have on their lives. 

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Guide to Plastic Surgery Marketing for 2018 | THAT Agency

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