an easily digestible digital dashboard

Digital marketers today gobble up data and analytics like Pac-Man gobbles up pellets... but unlike Pac-Man, digital marketers can only digest so much. Enter Google Data Studio. This handy-dandy data display solution facilitates the creation of easily digestible digital dashboards, providing digital marketers with an overview of key performance metrics like website sessions by channel, device, region, and more.

Instead of building your own digital dashboard from scratch, simply download this FREE Google Data Studio template, connect your data source, and get a snapshot of your website’s overall performance as well as the performance of all digital marketing channels tracked through Google Analytics.


Free Google Data Studio Template | Digital Marketing Report | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, FloridaUsing visual aids like pie charts, bar charts, and line graphs, this FREE Google Data Studio template does double duty as both a digital dashboard and a digital marketing report, allowing you to see at a glance:

  • How your website is performing (overall traffic and traffic by channel)
  • Which channels are driving engagement
  • What sources are driving goal conversions
  • How site sessions are trending
  • Which pages of your site are visited the most
  • Which devices and geographic regions bring in the most sessions

These top-line metrics can easily be shared with your CEO and COO, in leadership team meetings, and in meetings with the rest of your marketing team. 

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