Maximize Your co-op Marketing fund Usage

Ready to get more bang for your co-op marketing buck? This free co-op marketing tracking template can help you do just that! By using the template in tandem with your co-op submission portal, you can streamline your co-op claims tracking and ensure you're taking full advantage of every penny of your monthly co-op marketing budget.

This free template also offers a year-to-date health check on pre-approved, claimed and approved amounts, presents a percentage of claims reimbursed, and provides a running tally of your remaining co-op marketing budget.

How It Works

By tracking your co-op claims by marketing tactic, this user-friendly Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx) helps you:

  • Organize your co-op submissions and pre-approvals
  • Monitor available co-op marketing funds throughout the year
  • Ensure you're taking full advantage of your co-op marketing budget 

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Free Co-op Marketing Tracking Template | THAT Agency

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