CalculatE your Social Media Costs

This free ad budget calculator is designed to help you forecast your social media costs based on the past performance of your social media advertising efforts. 

If you don’t have a history of paid advertising on social media, this will be tricky ... but not impossible. With no social media advertising history, you will want to place a test budget in market to gain performance data for which to base your projections off.

How the Ad Budget Calculator Works

The calculator tool is a user-friendly Microsoft Excel file (.xlsx) that helps you determine the total amount of money needed for your social media advertising budget. The Excel workbook is comprised of three calculator tabs related to the following social media goals:

1. Community Building

2. Engagement

3. Website Traffic

The final tab of the workbook compiles the budgets for each of these goals into one lump sum, or grand total .

Remember: No amount of social media ad budget planning will be beneficial if you don’t know where you want to go as a brand. You MUST set measurable goals, e.g., increasing your social community by 25% year over year, generating 40% more engagement, or acquiring 25% more website visits.

Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there. The second step is using this free social media ad budget calculator to figure out how much the journey will cost ...

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Social Ad Budget Calculator

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