Social Media and Inbound Marketing

It's no secret that people are more connected today than they've ever been before.  From connecting with friends, family, and businesses, people turn to social media as a source of news and entertainment.  

Social media and inbound marketing have a very close relationship.  In any inbound marketing strategy, social media serves as one of the many channels to promote and distribute the awesome content you create to drive site traffic and inbound leads.  


What's Inside

In this eBook, we highlight the complementary relationship these two digital marketing strategies have and explore the following topics:

  • Social Media best practices for inbound marketing
  • The different aspects of each social platform
  • How to maximize your reach through integration 
  • And more!

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Why Social Media?

Social media marketing is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to inbound marketing.  In reality, inbound uses a collection of channels to attract users to your site and convert them into leads.  Social media provides the opportunity for businesses to deliver targeted content where their target audience actively engages.   In other words, it's meeting them where they are with the value they're looking for. 

Inbound marketing is about meeting your buyer personas where they are instead of where you want them to be.  This means focusing on giving them the value that enables them to solve the problems or issues they're having instead of only focusing on making a sale. 

On top of this, social media and inbound marketing together allows businesses to track engagement across marketing channels.  With an advanced CRM system, you can see the content each person engages with and tailor the overall brand experience to better meet their needs.

Social Media and Inbound Marketing | THAT Agency

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